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7 Tips on Working From Home

7 Tips on Working From Home

As we write this, there's a global pandemic going on, which means people are being told to stay home as much as possible. That means many people are now working from home. If you’re working remotely, the following tips may help you maintain a work-life balance. 

1. Designate a specific area in your apartment for work-related tasks. 

This may be spare bedroom, a nook, or even part of your dining table or countertop. Whatever works for your household, try to keep all work-related tasks in this one area. 

2. Assign "work-free" zones and times. 

To reduce the risk of burnout, avoid working in areas normally reserved for relaxation, such as your bedroom or couch. Also consider being "off the clock" during certain times of the day, like when you first wake up or within an hour of bedtime.

3. Stay organized! 

Even if you don't have a desk at home, you can still keep your work-related things organized and tidy to minimize stress. Use folders, crates, or even specific cabinets or drawers for "work stuff," and keep supplies within easy reach. This includes chargers for your laptop, webcam, and phone.

4. Take breaks. 

When you're not surrounded by colleagues, it can be easy to get "in the zone." But it's not good for your brain, body, and efficiency to work for hours on end. So, remind yourself to take breaks at least once an hour – stand up, stretch, or go for a little walk outside.

5. Get dressed. 

You don't have to wear a suit or dress (unless you want to), but at least change out of your pajamas in the morning. This will help you shift into "work mode."

6. Stick to a schedule. 

A routine for yourself (and your kids or pets, if you have any) can help you stay on track and reduce distraction. Maintain weekday schedules to define when you wake up, clock in, eat, and clock out.

7. Reach out and connect. 

Social distancing doesn't mean social isolation. Stay in touch with colleagues, clients, and loved ones by phone or video chat.


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